5 Things You Need to Know When Writing a Book

05 Sep

Amanda Robart, creator of the Mummy Misfit blog and author of ‘Diary of a Mummy Misfit’, shares the things you should know when putting pen to paper.

1. It’s lonely. You have to constantly kick yourself up the bum to force yourself to get on with it.

2. Agents and publishers might rave about your work and promise you the world but they will still dump on you at the last minute and leave you having a hissy fit. If you’re a newbie it’s virtually impossible to get a break. The good news is we now have Kindle Direct Publishing and writers are taking things in to their own hands.

3. It’s exciting. Once the characters start to take over and tell you where the plot should be going, it’s the best feeling in the world.

4. You need to edit, edit and edit again. There will always be that typo hiding somewhere.

5. You will find constant distractions when you know that you should really be knuckling down. Like writing a post for “Five things …!”

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