5 Things That Make Grown Men Cry

25 Sep

Simon Edwards, who writes the music blog ‘no81bob’s world’, tells us what makes macho men weep.

1. Pink Floyd ‘reunions’. As a 65 year old man called David appeared at the top of a rather large artificial wall in London’s O2 Arena this summer and delivered two guitar solos apparently grown men cried “acting like teen aged girls at a Twilight premiere”.

Shirts were ripped off.

Men of a certain age stood in the audience dewy eyed staring in to a distance that only they could see. It was clearly a religious experience. The miracle in front of them was that Pink Floyd were in some form re-united. Roger Waters was at the bottom of the wall, singing and David Gilmour was at the top on the same stage. They were still quite a long way apart, but on the same stage…so it was a start. These are the moments when grown men cry.

2. Winning the Ashes. A few months back I caught up with a friend who has just retired. For his retirement ‘treat’ he’d booked himself on a two week jaunt to Australia with the barmy army for the last two test matches of the last Ashes series – just himself. An excuse to be an unchecked out and out cricket geek. I was jealous before he went but then with events as they unfolded I just wanted to know how it felt.

”At the moment when we knew we’d won at Melbourne, grown men just cried.”

Not the Australians, but the English barmy army. Although not a massive cricket fan, I understand.

3. Imaginary sports moments. There are of course the imaginery moments, many verging on the miraculous, when we know that we would cry. England winning the World Cup for a second time (verging on the miraculous); bringing home an Olympic Gold against all odds. We all have a niche moment – for me it would be beating Crystal Palace 3-1 at Brighton’s new Amex Stadium, the last goal scored in the very satisfying 92nd minute. Catching them on the break while they’re pressing for an equaliser. Just imagine your moment…

4. THAT scene. There’s that scene from Up. If you’ve seen the film you know the moment – when the evil Pixar emotionally mug the adults ten minutes in with no warning. You’ve innocently taken a group of children to watch a film supposedly about a grumpy old man with a lot of brightly coloured balloons and then they mug you. Coffee in one hand, munching away through a packet of something that’s like Revells but isn’t and then WHAM. Emotional male overload. Pure evil.

5. OUCH. And finally, the moment your 9 year old child has run across the room to give you a hug, and the split second before she jumps in to your arms she raises her knees. As you sink to the floor gasping in agony, your eyes well up. You know she didn’t mean it, so it’s best to keep silent and wipe the tears away discreetly.

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