5 Things Which Inspired Me to Move from London to Cornwall

02 Oct

Cornish Blonde, who describes herself as a ‘Cornish dweller after years of London grime’, tells us why the South-West of England is so great.

This post was inspired by a post on my own blog. But very few people read my blog (fair enough, it’s new and I’m no marketing expert) so I thought this might be a good place to wax lyrical about my favourite place, which is, (drum roll please)…the county (or country depending on how much of a nationalist you are) of…Cornwall. October 2011 and we’re experiencing an Indian summer, the sun is out, the sky is blue and over the past few days I’ve been feeling gloriously smug about the fact that I live here and not in some concrete abyss or (even worse, God forbid) some dull ass suburb .

1. The beach! An Indian summer in London meant trudging through the dusty streets to St James’ Park, getting horribly black feet followed by a fight for space with the hundreds and thousands of other sun seekers (who inevitably don’t have gardens of their own because they live in a studio the size of a shoe box) to get a decent spot on a piece of parched yellow dust where once there used to be some actual grass. Here in Cornwall, we grab our picnic rugs (with tarpaulin backing), surfboards, bikinis and (in my husband’s case) folding beach chairs and head on down to the beach. I love the beaches here, there is a hugeness and an awesomeness about the combination of sea, sky and cliffs which never fails to inspire me.

2. There are never any water shortages in Cornwall. It rains. A lot. Sometimes it does’t actually rain but the air is wet and you can barely see past the end of your own nose. But as a result, it’s so green, the rivers gush abundantly and when you get a sunny day, you seriously appreciate it.

3. Average driving default speed in Cornwall is probably about 50mph. In London it’s probably more like 2mph and if you manage to get into second gear you have to be REALLY careful that you don’t kill a cyclist. Life is too short to sit in traffic jams.

4. It costs a fortune to do anything in London. The following vital goods and services are basically HALF the price in Cornwall:

  • Haircuts, Bikini waxes and other spa treatments
  • A cinema ticket (apart from the Peckham Premier which was always very good value and had the most entertaining hecklers in any cinema, ever)
  • Popcorn at the cinema
  • Yoga classes
  • Sadly Starbucks is the same price, as is petrol. Can’t have it all I guess

5. The sky. Yes, obviously both London and Cornwall have sky. Allow me to explain. My 7 year old Goddaughter and her sister came to stay last summer from London. I marched them up to the watch tower on the cliffs above Boscastle and they loved it! I could tell they were experiencing something which was so new and exciting to them: “there’s so much sky here’ Olivia declared! She is such a gorgeously perceptive child; once, we were cooking together and sifting icing sugar; “It’s like it’s snowing in a big bowl of world!” she exclaimed. So true. Her little face when she stood on top of that cliff and stared out to sea will remain with me for ever.

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