5 Things That Tell You You’re a Parent

24 Oct

There are a number of things that indicate you’re a parent – having a child being one of them. But Ben Tipping, of ‘Mutterings of a Fool’ fame, gives us five more…

1. You end a phone conversation with the words: “got to go, I think she’s poo’d”. Enquiring as to the contents (size, consistency, smell, colour) goes in the same bucket.

2. There are Banksy ghosts in your house that create masterpieces on your walls, although perhaps not with the same political connotations.

3. The only hot young girl/boy you get into your bedroom is a toddler with a fever.

4. It would take a CSI team a week to check all the sticky finger prints that cover every surface in the house including your laptop, fridge and best pair of trousers

5. You can recall just from a person’s post code which schools they are in the catchment area for, the Ofsted rating and the length of the waiting list.

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Posted by on October 24, 2011 in Parenting & Family


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