5 Fun, Inexpensive and Relatively Quiet Activities For You and Your Kids

27 Oct

Felicia Stevenson, of ‘Musings and Other Ramblings’ fame, gives us some great activities, as well as the world record for 5 Things’ longest post title!

You don’t always feel like going to the park. Sometimes it’s raining out and there’s nothing to do. Or perhaps you’d love to do something fun, but you’re broke… Maybe it’s that if one of them screams that the other just pushed/pinched/stole from the other just one more time, you just might have to poke your own eyes out…

Well, here are some Easy, Fun and Cheap ideas to chase the blues away and enjoy some quality time with the kids (which won’t make you want to tear your hair out – or theirs!).

1. Recycle Those Bits of Crayons into Fun New Shapes!

My boys are now 4 and 5, and if you are anything like me, you have probably accumulated an obscene amount of crayons over the years. You know, there’s the box you bought, the cheap ones they got at restaurants or in surprise bags, and the ones they got at Christmas every year from one relative or another.

My kids mostly use markers now, so when I stumbled upon Natalie, from ‘The Life of a Sippy Cup Mom’, I was delighted by this idea and just know the kids will love it. I’m sure they would use some to make some “cool” drawings on black paper, but I also think they could be very fun as a decoration. Fill a jar with them and display them in your child’s bedroom. Or use a hot pin to poke a whole in them and use them as Christmas Ornaments, or a necklace charm…try different shapes, different colours. I have a feeling the possibilities are endless. Visit Nathalie’s blog for full instructions!

2. Plant a Pineapple!

Did you know that you can plant the top of your pineapple, and not only will it grow into a beautiful plant, but it will also eventually produce an actual pineapple?!

Well I sure didn’t, and the child in me was very excited when I came across the instructions from

Kids love to play with dirt, so the initial planting will be an activity. It will take up to 3 years for your pineapple to be ready to eat, but you and your children will have the satisfaction of knowing that you did it together, and it seems like a great learning experience. For an added lesson, why don’t you make them responsible for watering it? (with gentle reminders of course, don’t just let the poor thing die!). They’ll get an extra sense of accomplishment when the long awaited “Fruits of their Labour” finally come to “Fruition” hahaha (sorry couldn’t help myself)

3. Make a super fun yummy treat! brings us a super simple, very yummy idea for a fun treat the kids can definitely help with!

She presents them as a halloween treat, but I think Smores on a stick could be great for any occasion: Individually wrapped as part as a surprise bag for kids birthday parties, or even for grown ups, since every one loves a Smore, which by the way got it’s name from every one tasting it saying “Give me som’ more please!” 😉 Step by step, easy to follow instructions here! Email me for my address to send me some by mail after you make them. 🙂

4. Spend Some Time Learning Different Ways to Tie Your Shoes!

This idea is from who describe 17 Creative Ways You Can Tie Your Shoes. I think they would definitely take an interest in this, especially if they could then show off their “cool shoes” to their friends at school! This model may require a lot of help from Mom, but seems great for a younger child for ease of wear, taking some of the “leaving the house burden” off of said Mom.

5. Make Coloured Rice To Use As Sand Art!

This is a really fun idea brought to us by In her instructions, she uses Colourations Liquid Water Colours, but I would experiment with a small batch with watered down food colouring, as those are $2.99 each and you can purchase an assortment of food colours for about $5. The kids will enjoy playing with it in a plastic container, but you could make a zen garden, or fill a jar as a gift. They could even be glued on to construction paper to make a cool pattern…

As in everything, your only limitation is the stretch of your imagination – Have fun with the kids, and helping them develop their creative sides!

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  1. Felicia Stevenson

    October 28, 2011 at 2:44 am

    LOL! Can’t believe I broke a record! Now to get the record for most contributions…


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