5 Ways to Entertain Your Child When They Have Chicken Pox

30 Oct

It’s been spotty in Theresa Pellegrino’s household of late, but that hasn’t stopped the fun. Find out why, from the creator of ‘The Life of T’.

Well, this week chicken pox arrived! It means at least 7 – 10 days stuck indoors so we don’t pass on these crazy, itchy, spots! It also means a heck of a lot of boredom as you soon run out of things to do! But these are 5 things that we’ve not got bored of – yet!

1. Get some crafts going – leave them out so you can come back to them whenever you feel like it, after all you’re not going anywhere for 10 days so why should the crafts! Since it’s Halloween we’ve been making monster faces – fun!

2. Sit and channel surf, in fact watching about 3 different programmes at a time is much more fun than just watching one (we change channel once adverts come on, saves time, kills two birds with one stone)

3. Count spots – more arrive each day at the moment it seems. Then see which ones have formed blisters and then which ones have scabs! “Yay, scabs mean it’s going away” exclaims 5yr old (There’s only 2 so far, but I’ll join in with the excitement all the same!

4. Snuggle on the sofa for hours at a time, reading stories, talking nonsense, eating junk food! Really it’s just quality time!

5. Face each other, pull faces and then laugh, hysterically for no reason at all. It’s totally contagious (just like the spots) and is SO much fun!

Chicken pox doesn’t have to take the fun out of your day (or 2 weeks) ;o)

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