5 of the Greatest Moustaches in the World

31 Oct

In honour of Movember, Ben Wakeling has scoured the web to bring you five of the best facial hair creations ever made.

November is, for many blokes, a great excuse to grow an awesome handlebar moustache in the name of charity. But only in our wildest dreams could we ever hope to emulate the example of these fine gentlemen.

1. Heinz Christophel

Nothing to do with those famous beanz, but who cares? This guy sports a ‘tache you could hang your coat on.

2. Harley Davidson Handlebars

The most amazing thing about this photo is this guy’s moustache. The second is that rug of chest hair.

3. Eric Brown

You know those inflatable neck pillows you can buy when you go on long plane journeys? This guys grown his own on his face.

4. Curly Wurly

When he smiles, his moustache smiles too.

5. The Unexpected Twist

That’s a nice moustache, but nothing special, right? Wrong. For the proud owner of this impressive facial hair is no other than Annie Jones – the original Bearded Lady.

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